Diyawannawata Awrudu | 14th April 2019
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Postal workers will engage in sick-leave trade union action for 24 hours from midnight today (21), according to postal trade unions. MORE..

21 Jul 2019 (1:32 PM)

Three persons who had illegally the Udawalawa National Park with firearms have been arrested by the Special Task Force (STF). MORE..

21 Jul 2019 (5:37 PM)

A person who has been shot at near the junction towards the Kekilla Mandiya in Rathgama has been admitted to the Karapitiya Hospital over critical injuries. MORE..

21 Jul 2019 (12:40 PM)

A Sri Lankan passenger has been detained at the Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) for attempting to smuggle out Saudi riyals worth Rs 8.93 million to Chennai, India. MORE..

22 Jul 2019 (2:46 PM)

The Supreme Court today (22) ordered to move the Fundamental Rights (FR) petition filed by Dr. Mohamed Shafi, seeking an order declaring his arrest and detention unlawful, to the 6th of August. MORE..

22 Jul 2019 (1:46 PM)

Sri Lanka has launched an updated map of the island incorporating the development projects, including the USD 1.4 billion Colombo port city being developed with massive loans from China, the state media reported on Sunday. MORE..

21 Jul 2019 (11:14 PM)

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