Maha Viru Pandu Episode 05 | 2020-06-26
Uploaded by LakvisionTV on 25 June 2020 | 1454 views
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Maha Viru Pandu Episode 05 | 2020-06-26
Maha Viru Pandu Episode 05 | 2020-06-26
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The Ministry of Health confirmed that one more patient infected with Covid-19 has completely recovered and was discharged from the hospital. MORE..

10 Jul 2020 (4:28 PM)

Thundershowers accompanied by severe lightning are likely to occur at several places in Eastern, North-central, Central, Uva, North-western and Sabaragamuwa provinces, the Department of Meteorology said. MORE..

10 Jul 2020 (4:40 PM)

Another 10 new cases of coronavirus have been identified bringing the total number of confirmed cases reported in the country to 2,447. MORE..

10 Jul 2020 (8:53 PM)

A woman has been arrested while in possession of around 1.3 kilograms of heroin at Kelanimulla in Mulleriyawa.

10 Jul 2020 (11:20 PM)

Three persons reported dead in a tragic head-on collision between a lorry and a three-wheeler on the Wellawaya - Monaragala main road. MORE..

10 Jul 2020 (12:19 PM)

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has extended the term of Presidential Commission of Inquiry (PcoI) probing the incidents of political victimization that have occurred between 8th January 2015 and 16th November 2019. MORE..

10 Jul 2020 (11:56 AM)

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